Our Company

JSC Firm “Actis” is a producer of the wide range of high quality glass containers for packing products in beer, distillery and food industries. The plant is located in the Southern Federal District, in the city of Novocherkassk, Rostov Region.

By 2010, large-scale modernization of the enterprise was completed, and the newest, modern glass manufacturing plant was built and launched. The first stage capacity of new production totals 360 million units of glass containers a year. In March 2011, the second stage was launched with capacity 360 million units of glass containers a year.

One of the Actis Firm’s main advantages is the technological equipment from European manufacturers at all stages of the production cycle, including the product quality control system that meets international requirements.

The equipment produced in Germany, France, Italy, Czech Republic, and UK allows to reduce costs, widen the product range and produce high quality glass containers, both standard based on the “blow blow” technology and lightweight ones based on NNPB technology as well as wide neck glass containers based on the “press blow” system.

           The plant is equipped with three glass melting furnaces, each with the capacity of up to 440 tons of glass (1 million units of glass containers) per day. The furnaces were designed by Teplotechna Prima (Czech Republic). The plant is also equipped with annealing lehrs and cold end spraying units from Pennekamp (Germany), hot treatment units from Revimac (Italy), four IS-12 glass-forming machines from Sklostroj (Czech Republic) and eight machines from GPS (Germany), as well as modern inspection equipment from SGCC (France), packing equipment from Zecchetti (Italy) and  shrink  machine from Thimon (France).