1997 – Commencement of Actis plant construction supported by the Administration of Rostov Region, while the project itself was included in the regional investment program.

2000 – Commissioning of the plant with production capacity of 110 million units of glass containers a year. The plant started production of brown glass bottles for beer brewing industry. Driven by strong demand for glass containers, the launch of the plant coincided with further expansion of production that was completed in 2002.

Late 2003 – Actis plant reached peak design capacity: 340 million units of glass containers a year.

2007 – The plant started further expansion of production capacity to meet the customers’ increasing requirements. The company management made a decision on turn-key construction of the newest glass manufacturing plant with the most advanced, energy-efficient and sustainable equipment for production of glass containers.

August 19, 2010 – Launch of the new Actis plant. Production capacity: 360 million units of glass containers a year.

June 21, 2011 – Commissioning of the second stage of the glass manufacturing plant which capacity also reached 360 million units of glass containers a year.

2011 – The plant began construction of the third stage for glass container production and a new facility for optical cullet sorting.

2013 – Following the launch of the third stage, Actis plant’s production capacity reached 1,080,000 units of glass containers a year. Currently, three stages of the plant are able to concurrently manufacture products with three basic colors: colorless, green, and brown.