Environmental protection

Along with implementation of the new equipment, Actis glass manufacturing plant is capable to sort and clean nearly 33 tons of cullet an hour which provides economic value not only for glass production: daily demand for 600 tons of cullet allowed the local enterprises to facilitate processing of household waste, engage new workers for glass collection and increase supplies of cullet to Actis.Launch of the new facility has a positive effect on ecology of the region allowing unclaimed wastes of heavily polluted cullet to be transformed into raw materials for manufacture of new products.Heights of chimney shafts of the glass-melting furnaces, the through channel and feeders for lower levels of atmospheric air pollution have been efficiently selected to optimize conditions for dispersion of pollutants in the atmosphere resulting from natural gas flaring.The process flow diagram for purification of effluent furnace gases and dust-laden air uses production filters EFP- 1-4.5 -180-D6 (Czech Republic) which filtering surface equals 180 m², and operating efficiency reaches 99.9%.