Advantages of cooperation with Actis Firm for customers

• High quality of glass containers produced with the use of equipment from the leading European manufacturers.

• Availability of the in-house design and engineering department and workshop for mould production.

• Potential for unlimited extension of the product range through modification of glass color as well as adjustment of glass-forming machines for production of glass containers with volumes of 0.2 l to 1.5 l in any configuration.

• Potential for production of bottles based on BB and NNPB technologies and of jars based on “press blow’ technology.

• Convenient geographic location that allows products to be shipped with any type of transportation, including water transport.

• Large warehousing facilities for storage of glass containers; access ways for motor vehicles and railway transport.

Due to our extensive experience, we guarantee top quality of our products for customers.
Looking forward to fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation!