Production of moulds

Moulds for manufacture of glass containers are produced at the in-house casting and machining process production. Casts are made from alloy cat iron with special properties. The central laboratory conducts chemical analysis of cast alloys as well as tests of physical and mechanical properties and assessment of the structure. In the course of casting, the spectral laboratory conducts express analysis during 1-2 minutes across 24 elements (nickel, chrome, molybdenum, phosphorus, carbon, manganese, etc.).
All basic materials pass incoming control through the quality control system.
Moulds are produced in the mechanical department on the modern machines from Kitamura (Japan), Nakamura (Japan), Hardinge (US), and Romi (Brazil). The use of high-precision equipment with the newest CNC systems and 3D modeling allows moulds for any shape glass containers to be manufactured within the shortest possible period of time.
Due to mastering of the overlaying technology, the resource of each blow mould manufactured allows nearly 1 million units.
Mould parts are monitored by quality controllers at all stages of production.
Our capacities, including in-house design department for moulds designing, foundry, sections of moulds production and reconstruction, forming bottles allow not only to satisfy firm Actis demands, but also to deliver cast blocks for moulds to the largest glass-manufacturing plants in Russia.