Cullet optical sorting house

In 2013, along with the launch of the new line for optical sorting of glass containers from BT- Wolfgang Binder GmbH (Austria), productivity of the sorting house increased more than three times.


In June 2013, the line for optical sorting of cullet from BT- Wolfgang Binder GmbH (Austria) was launched. The new equipment allows scrap glass to be automatically sorted by color.

At the first stage of optical sorting, three REDWAVE 1300 C machines located in parallel separate the cullet by color and remove most foreign matters. At the second stage of optical sorting, three REDWAVE CS 1500 machines located in parallel remove admixtures and improve purity of the colors separated during the first stage. These machines are very cost-efficient due to their modular construction and the latest component lighting technology.

Along with implementation of the new equipment, Actis glass manufacturing plant is able to sort and purify up to 33 tons of cullet per hour which provides economic value not only for glass production: daily demand for 600 tons of cullet allowed the local enterprises to facilitate processing of household waste, engage new workers for glass collection and increase supplies of cullet to Actis. Launch of the new facility will have a positive effect on ecology of the region allowing the unclaimed waste of heavily polluted cullet to be transformed into raw materials for manufacture of new products.