Batch House

The batch house is designed to prepare batch for production of 1.2 billion bottles a year. Presently, this is the largest batching facility in Russia. Designing and complete set of composite workshop carried out by Czech company « TVT projekce a dodavky spol.sro » 

The batch house objective is to ensure continuous batch preparation and its conveying mixed with cullet to glass-melting furnace.

The batch house includes:

  • 19 silos for raw materials;
  • New vibration screens that guarantee high production and screening efficiency – up to 25 tons per hour. The specially designed and patented know-how allowed to use compact screens of 5 m² each. Filter surface of the newest systems triples the surface of standard filters in order to ensure safe working environment for batch house employees. The purification rate reaches 99.9%, while residual concentration of dust does not exceed 2 mg/m3. The new equipment completely brings the screened fine fraction back to the process ensuring sound conditions for workers and preventing dust emissions into the atmosphere of the city.