Glass- melting department

Three U-flame furnaces (energy-efficient thermal-saving just like any other type of the equipment) with production capacity of 440 t/day each were constructed at the company.

The furnaces were designed by Teplotechna-Prima (Czech Republic). Refractory materials from both domestic and foreign manufacturers were used in their construction. Domestic materials were supplied from Semilukskiy refractory materials plant, Borovichskiy refractory  integrated complex and Aliter-Aksi (Saint Petersburg). 

The imported materials were provided by well-known manufacturers in Europe such as SEPR, P-D Refractories CZ a.s., as well as by Shandong Luyang Share Co, Luoyang Dayang Refractory Co, and Qinghua Refractories CS (all in China).

The furnaces are equipped with air-cooled video cameras from ECLIPS (US) that display the internal space of the furnace for better control over the process flow and to evaluate condition of refractory work.

ECLIPS gas burners (US) are used to heat the furnaces; besides, the furnaces are also equipped with electric boosting system that improves glass quality. 

The glass melting process is fully automated.

In 2011, the plant began construction of the third stage for glass container production and a new facility for cullet optical sorting.

In 2013, following the launch of the third stage, Actis plant’s production capacity reached 1,080,000 units of glass containers a year. Currently, three stages of the plant are able to concurrently manufacture products with three basic colors: colorless, green, and brown.